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Dance Classes Louisville

About Dance Classes LouisvilleTo best serve our students, we offer a variety of types of dance classes to suit your individual dance goals. While we have found that our students learn most efficiently and fastest when they participate in a 3 part system of private lessons, group classes, and practice, we strongly suggest that all new students begin with private dance lessons.

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons

Available for both singles and couples, private dance lessons are a wonderful way to receive personalized attention and fast-track your learning curve. In your private dance lessons, you will have 100% of your professional dance instructor's attention on your individual progress. No dance partner is necessary. Couples will dance with each other, while singles will dance with the instructor directly.

Private dance lessons are scheduled by appointment allowing you the flexibility to schedule your private dance lessons around your busy schedule.

Ballroom Dance Classes Louisville

Group Dance Classes

The 2nd part of learning to dance are group dance classes. These are taken with one teacher instructing a group of students at the same time. In our group dance classes in Louisville, students change partners through the course of the dance classes, as changing partners ultimately develops partner dancing skills.

Group Dance Classes are an important addition to private dance lessons as this is where variety of ballroom dancing patterns and ability to lead or follow any partner are learned. Dance classes are fun and provide the student with the opportunity to meet other students at the same dance experience level and with similar dance goals. Ballroom dance classes are regularly scheduled and no appointment is necessary.

Dance Parties

Practice (Dance Parties)

Practice make perfect, right? We want to encourage our students to practice by making practicing fun! Practice Dance Parties are the 3rd part of learning to dance. Just knowing the steps is one thing, but making the dances work in a live setting with others on the dance floor at the same time is quite another. Your dance instructor can then custom tailor your Louisville dance classes based on how they see you progressing.

Check with your instructor about when our next practice dance party is scheduled and come dance with us!

Beginner Dance Classes

New Students

As a beginner, you may have concerns or fears about dancing and dance lessons: What will happen during my ballroom dance classes? What can I expect my dance classes to be like? Your first dance lesson is designed to provide you with an opportunity to visit our dance studio and to give dance classes a try. Any fears and questions you may have will be resolved with the real-life experience of having actually taken a private dance lesson with a qualified and attentive professional dance instructor.

beginner dance classes

Get Started!

As a new student, we'd love to help you get started with your first ballroom dance lesson!