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Our Introductory Special

Beginner Dance Classes

Get 2 Private Dance Lessons For Only $10!

What will happen during my beginner dance classes? As a beginner, you may have concerns or fears about dancing and dance classes: "What will happen during my first dance lesson? What can I expect my first dance lesson to be like?"

Your beginner dance lessons in Louisville KY are designed to provide you with an opportunity to visit our dance studio and to give dance classes a try. Any fears and questions you may have will be resolved with the real-life experience of having actually taken a private dance lesson with a qualified and attentive professional dance instructor.

On the other hand, we like to use your introductory dance classes as our chance to welcome you and to demonstrate that dance classes and learning to dance are much easier than you may think!

No obligation, no pressure, no worries - just make the appointment and show up.

That's it! Most people have never danced with a partner before, and are surprised at how well they do. Really!!

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Get Started!

As a new student, we'd love to invite you to try our introductory special.
Get 2 private dance classes for only $10! Singles or couples welcome.

Intro Special