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Argentine Tango Dance Lessons

Argentine Tango Dance Lessons

A Description Of Argentine Tango Dancing

The Tango originated in Buenos Aires during the late 19th Century and began as one of many different forms of tango dances. Modern Argentine Tango styles are danced both in open (Tango Nuevo) and closed embraces (traditional) that focus on the leader and the follower moving in harmony with the passionately charged music. The dance relies on improvisation by the leader since Argentine Tango doesn’t have a formal basic structure like other dances. Fortunately for learning purposes, teachers have fashioned a basic form in order to teach beginners.

The tango is essentially walking with a partner to music keeping your feet close to the floor as you move with your ankles and knees brushing as one leg passes the other. Argentine Tango is different from ballroom tangos in its posture, embrace, improvisational techniques, movement, balance, steps and music. If your background is in American or International tango, your introduction to Argentine tango will be like learning a completely new dance.

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