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Since 2005, the staff at our ballroom dance studios in Louisville have taught ballroom dancing to thousands of people just like you! Whether you are a beginner or advanced, single or couple, young or old, we're ready to make your ballroom dance classes Louisville easy and fun!

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Why Ballroom Dancing?

The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing in Louisville

There are far too many benefits of ballroom dancing in Louisville to list here,
but here are a few of the most common benefits of ballroom dancing as mentioned by our students.
Physical Health, Social Benefits, Expression, and Confidence are just a few.

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Beginner Dance Classes

Our New Student Introductory Special

As a beginner, you may have concerns or fears about ballroom dancing and dance classes.
What will happen during my beginner dance classes? What can I expect my beginner dance classes to be like?
Come give it a try. GET 2 PRIVATE DANCE CLASSES for ony $10!!! Call (502) 471-1938 to get started now!

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Learning To DanceA fun three part system of lessons, dance classes, and practice

Ballroom Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons

Private dance lessons are a wonderful way to receive personalized attention and fast-track your learning curve. No dance partner is necessary. Couples will dance with each other, while singles will dance with the instructor directly. Private lessons are scheduled by appointment allowing you the flexibility to work around your busy schedule.

Group Dance Classes

Group Dance Classes

In group dance classes, students rotate partner through the course of the class, as changing partners ultimately develops partner dancing skills. Rotating partners also helps provide all students in the class with opportunities to dance, practice what is being taught in the class, and meet new people. Dance classes are regularly scheduled and organized by style and experience level.

Ballroom Dancing

Practice Dance Parties

Practice makes perfect, right? We try to make practicing fun by scheduling a special dance party for our students. We dim the lights, play music and recreate a real social dance setting in a fun, family friendly, and professionally planned social dance environment. Practice dance parties are also a great opportunity to practice your dancing and a fun way to socialize with friends.

Photo GalleryDance classes, social dancing, dance competitions, and other craziness

Dance Class CalendarOur upcoming group dance class and dance party schedule

  • Beginning Yoga (MON 9:30 am). Fitness Yoga (MON 5:30pm, TUE & THU 9:30am)

  • Formation Dance Class with Viktoria (TUE 7:00 pm)

  • Social Ease Dance Party (FRI 8:00 pm) Admission includes a group class in this month's featured dance class followed by a practice party. Guests are welcome

Get Started!

As a new student, we'd love to help you get started with your first ballroom dance lesson!